The Volteface Podcast #11: Live from the Big Tent with Andrew Boff

by Ant Lehane


Last week the Volteface team headed to the Docklands for the second annual Big Tent Ideas Festival at Mudchute Farm. To ensure cannabis reform was on the festival’s agenda we hosted ‘In Conversation with Andrew Boff’.

London Assembly member Boff, a long term advocate for cannabis reform, sat down with current Editor of Byline Times and ex-Volteface Senior member Hardeep Matharu to discuss the current situation and what the future holds.
Conversation around cannabis ranges from ‘Westminster hypocrisy’ to ‘young person prevention and protection’ and is topped off with some very interesting insight from a Festival Security Director.

This show was produced by Matt Holborn. If you need help setting up and producing a podcast, get in touch with him at or through his website

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