Volteface Discussion #2 – Could the United Kingdom ever Legalise Cannabis?

by Calum Armstrong
In the second episode of the Volteface podcast, Hardeep Matharu speaks to Volteface Director Steve Moore about the current cannabis landscape in the UK and whether it might be set to shift.

Steve discusses how around the world, various models of cannabis legalisation are being experimented with, from a statist regulatory approach in Uruguay to a far more libertarian method that is sweeping across much of the United States.
However, it is in Steve’s opinion that a more socially conservative, and perhaps more pragmatic approach to cannabis regulation is being pioneered in Canada. In years to come, if the United Kingdom is ever to adopt a new stance on cannabis, Steve suggests that the Canadian model is the one to look to.
Steve Moore is the co-founder and Director of Volteface. He was worked at a senior executive level across politics, media, social campaigns and public affairs for 30 years. From 2009 – 2014 he worked with the Prime Minister David Cameron to establish the ‘Big Society’ as part of a national programme of social renewal and civic action.
Steve Moore tweets @steve4good
Hardeep Matharu tweets @Hardeep_Matharu
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