Volteface Publish Their First Journal – ‘Plotting Change’

by Pierre-Yves Galléty

Volteface publish Plotting Change, a journal bringing together a series of reports we published since we launched in 2016.

The reports examine contemporary global drug policy innovation, the impact of drugs on prison life, the consequences of the rise in cannabis potency, the potential for creating legal online cannabis markets and the effectiveness of current drug treatment services.

We are grateful to each of the authors and the hundreds of others who have provided their time and insight to contribute to each of the reports.

Our hope is that we can add some much needed vivacity into drug policy debates in the UK.

But don’t take our word for it, here is what others say.

Ethan Nadelmann, Founder and Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance:

It’s great to see Volteface emerge so quickly and energetically as a fount of innovative research and thinking on drugs and drugs policies.

Jeff Smith MP (Labour):

As this journal shows, Volteface are leading efforts to develop progressive, evidence-led drug policies in the UK. Whether it’s exposing the harmful levels of THC in street cannabis or proposing solutions to the drugs crisis in our prisons, Volteface has added real depth to the drug policy debate in just 18 months. I look forward to working with them in the future to ensure that our drug laws focus on harm reduction and reflect the evidence on the ground.

Ian Birrell, award-winning journalist and foreign reporter for the Mail on Sunday:

Volteface have taken a fresh approach to the drugs debate by focusing solely on cannabis with an original, always well-informed, media savvy and at time provocative stance. Their work has helped kick start an issue that was in danger of stalling.

Ian Hamilton, Lecturer in mental health at the University of York:

The Black Sheep report brought together insights about cannabis from a diverse range of sources, this unique approach helped turn attention to those who experience problems with cannabis. The report also succeeded in offering new thinking and ideas about how treatment and policy should be developed.

The Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE:

We are very grateful for the work being done by Volteface, especially their work on cannabis regulation.

Crispin Blunt MP (Conservatives)

Volteface is making a positive impact in opening up and revitalising the public policy debate around drug reform – a debate which, all too often, has been shut down and closed off. These reports make an important, evidence-based contribution to reappraising drugs policy and regulation.

A few words from Volteface co-founder and Director Steve Moore.

“This journal marks another key milestone on our journey. It features each of our first five reports, including Street Lottery, a coming-of-age report for us on the relationship between the potency of cannabis and problematic use, addiction and mental health. The body of work generated to date and the networks of goodwill we have fostered are testimony to the dedication, creativity and intellectual rigour that we pride ourselves on.

Our next challenge is to start to create a public appetite for real change. Our recent fact-finding mission to Canada has given us a real notion of what is possible here in the UK.

For now, enjoy our very first Volteface journal, and let us know what you think. Volteface will only be truly successful if we build communities with an aspiration for change, and that is a two-way process. We guarantee that your participation will be welcomed and rewarded.

Plotting Change is available to download here.

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