VolteFace: Friday Selection

by Henry Fisher

It’s been another busy week here at VolteFace, but fear not, our Friday selection is here again to ensure you don’t miss out:


The Life Lysergic by Cole Moreton

Cole Moreton meets the inimitable Amanda Feilding and discovers what it takes to become the ‘Queen of Consciousness’.

Amanda Feilding at home (Francesco Gudiccini)

(Francesco Gudiccini)

A Rich Heritage: Part II by Laura Gozzi

Max Daly, the UK’s most loved drug journalist, gives Laura Gozzi some insight into that past, present and future of drug magazines.

New York Times 1942 (Source: Wikipedia)

(Source: Wikipedia)

Chainsaw Policing by Neil Woods

Neil woods gives this flooring account of how drug laws have led the police to betray their own principles.

Police raid (Source: Flickr - West Midlands Police)

(Source: Flickr – West Midlands Police)

How Hashish Taught Me To Stop Worrying and Start Enjoying Myself by Mathilde Frot

Mathilde Frot reveals how hashish helped her discover the earthly pleasures in life.

Flickr -


Whatever Happened To New Zealand’s Lauded Drug Regulation? by Julian Buchanan

When legislation to regulate psychoactive substances was voted in in New Zealand in 2013, it was heralded as the future of drug policy. Julian Buchanan asks whether those heralds were deserved after all.

Wikimedia Commons

(Wikimedia Commons)

[News & Commentary]

A Tax Windfall For London?

Lee Harris (Source: Alastair Moore)

(Alastair Moore)

What is it Good For? (Working Out How To End The War On Drugs)

Flickr - manhhai

Flickr – manhhai

Stay tuned!

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