Watch: The Spice Epidemic Among Rough Sleepers

by Olivia Rutter

We have released a three part video series to accompany our recent report, ‘No Shelter’. In these videos Hardeep Matharu explains the current situation in the UK regarding synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists (SCRAs) commonly known as Spice, and the toll this drug is having on the homeless. Watch them here: 

The toxic mix of rough sleeping and ‘Spice’ is creating a worrying paradox. In this video, Hardeep explains what ‘Spice’ is and how the Psychoactive Substances Act has impacted upon its use among the homeless:

Those hooked on the drug are some of the most vulnerable on our streets, yet their habit is keeping them from being able to access the help they need. Hardeep spoke to those on the frontline– charities, homeless centres, hostels and outreach workers about the current situation:

“If the people and organisations – who are the only ones really working with those on the streets – are finding it increasingly difficult to help these people and are having to turn them away from the support that could begin to change their lives – where do they go to next?” Hardeep considers what the future might have in store for rough sleepers addicted to Spice:

Watch this space as Hardeep continues her investigation into the toxic environment Spice is creating on UK streets. 

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