Cannabis, Period.

New York state lawmakers are set to approve cannabis treatment for menstrual cramps. Medical cannabis is already legal in 29 American states, and is used to treat or ease symptoms of a variety of conditions. In addition, US companies like Whoopi & Maya already manufacture cannabis based products aimed at women, including tinctures and balms. The proposed bill … Continued

Five Things We Learned From The Global Drug Survey 2017

The findings of the 2017 Global Drugs Survey were released this week, which gathered data from 115,000 people around the world. Although, by looking at the demographics (and additionally considering that taking the survey requires having Internet access), we can see that this by no means represents the experiences of all drug users, worldwide, the … Continued

Irish Parliament Passes Legislation to Permit Supervised Injecting Facilities

Wednesday, the Irish Seanad passed the Misuse of Drugs (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017. Once signed into law by the President, it will establish a legal framework for the Minister for Health to licence the operation of facilities where people can inject drugs under the supervision of trained professionals. Supervised injecting facilities, pioneered by Switzerland in the 1980’s, … Continued

Northern Ireland Election Candidate Calls For Cannabis Reform

Yesterday, Barry Brown submitted his nomination paperwork to stand as the CISTA (newly rebranded as the Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance) MP candidate for West Tyrone. He is the only candidate in the upcoming General Election running with a platform to legalise and regulate cannabis. He doesn’t expect to win, but he is confident that … Continued

How Does Contraband Get into Britain’s Prisons?

A recent BBC File on 4 radio episode, The Prison Contraband Crisis, investigates how staff corruption contributes to the amount of contraband being brought into prisons.  In order to reduce the drugs crisis in prisons, there needs to be more focus on disrupting supply chains, reducing demand for drugs, and improving intelligence-gathering. There is limited data on how … Continued

On Young Women and Skunk

Yesterday morning, The Times released a piece entitled ‘Middle-class, female, and smokes skunk‘, which attempts the commendable task of highlighting problematic cannabis use by a group — young women and girls — which is often overlooked in discussions about cannabis. Use of cannabis by women is underreported in the UK, but medical professionals have seen a … Continued

The Dublin Drug Policy Summit

The Dublin Drug Policy Summit, organised by the Ana Liffey Drug Project, brought drug policy experts from across the world to Ireland as the country’s government takes significant steps in improving how it deals with illicit drug use. The summit focused on two key issues in modern Irish drug policy: upcoming legislation to create a legal framework … Continued