Whitney: The Soundtrack To Drug Reform

by Calum Armstrong

Light Upon The Lake, the outstanding debut album from country-soul outfit Whitney, is undoubtedly the album of the year over at VolteFace HQ.

We aren’t the first drug policy media outlet to take notice of singing-drummer extraordinaire Julien (Jules) Ehrlich and statuesque axeman Max Kakacek’s recent musical exploits.

Merry Jane recently caught up with Ehrlich, quizzing him, amongst other (less drug orientated) topics, on his (and the rest of the Whitney boys’) relationship with cannabis.

What role does cannabis play in your daily lives and in your music?

When it comes to touring, we literally spend no less than three to four hours in a van every single day. There are so many dudes in the band that sometimes you don’t [personally have to] drive, so it’s pretty easy to smoke. We had a Pax vape for a long time and that thing gave me my favorite high, because I don’t like getting absolutely blitzed in the middle of the day, but I’m into that mellow high from time to time. It’s not an everyday for me, but some guys in the band definitely smoke on a daily basis.

How about the role it plays in your music?

We definitely use cannabis as a tool. I don’t prefer to write under the influence of anything, but if you need to view it from a different perspective to make sure what you wrote is good, that’s one of the best parts about smoking weed, for sure.

Lip -service to the creative potentialities of pot aside, as cannabis-positive country-soul combos go, Whitney are at the front of the pack. Listen to more and check out where you can catch the boys live at Whitney’s official website.

Words by Calum Armstrong tweets @vf_calum

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