A Visit To Westminster

by Calum Armstrong


Yesterday, a patient delegation from the United Patients Alliance met with Nick Clegg MP and his special advisor Tim Colbourne at Portcullis House in Westminster. The delegates shared their medical history, stories and experiences with the former prime minister, explaining how medical cannabis is essential in treating conditions such as Chronic and Neuropathic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Epilepsy.

The delegation enjoyed a warm and welcoming response from Nick Clegg and his team. Afterwards Clegg told the delegation:

This has been a really valuable meeting for me, and I have learnt a great deal about this in just the last hour. Thank you all for coming along today and for your bravery in sharing your personal stories

The meeting was arranged by Tom Lloyd, ex-police chief and head of the National Cannabis Coalition. In attendance from the UPA was Jonathan Liebling (Political Director), Clark French (Director), Penny Fitzlyon, Jacob Barrow, Faye Jones, Keiron Reeves and Alex Fraser.

With high profile politicians not only taking notice, but actively inviting discussion and displaying an eagerness to learn more about the cause, all bodes well for the cannabis law reform movement going forward.

You can learn more about the UPA on their official website and can see Jon Liebling’s pictures of the event on their Facebook page. You can read the Volteface article on Jacob Barrow’s petition to reschedule cannabis here.


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