What Should Universities Do About Students Who Take Drugs?

  It’s an old truism that university is the perfect setting for taking illegal drugs. They’re easy to find, there are likely to be other students around willing to partake, and important responsibilities are thankfully fleeting. Few lecturers lose sleep over the fact that there was one student missing from their 9am Foundations in Health … Continued

Prescription Pill ‘Black Market’ Stirs Up Sleepy Guernsey

  According to a recent article from BBC News, Guernsey’s strict resistance to illegal drugs is fuelling the black market for prescription drugs. Figures from the Community Drug and Alcohol Team show that between 2002 and 2011, 82% of drug related deaths involved prescription drugs such as methadone, tramadol, fentanyl and antidepressants. Andrea Nightingale said … Continued

Are Smart Drugs a Smart Choice for Students?

  The number of young people trying ‘smart drugs’ is increasing, according to The Guardian. …a survey in the Tab student paper suggests that a fifth of students in UK universities have taken the study drug Modafinil. Aside from Modafinil, other drugs to boost brainpower include Ritalin and Dexedrine. Originally intended as prescription pills for those … Continued

Cannabis Clubs to Go on Trial in Switzerland

  The Independent has covered last week’s news of the potential launch of cannabis clubs in four Swiss cities, including Zurich, Basel, Bern and Geneva. Representatives from the cities met in Bern on Thursday to discuss how to regulate the sale of cannabis, which is illegal to possess in Switzerland. The 500,000 estimated people who smoke marijuana … Continued

UN Health Advisor calls for complete decriminalisation of drugs

  The UN’s special rapporteur on the right to health Dainius Pūras has released an open letter criticizing governments who focus on drug control policies, claiming that criminalisation drives problems underground and puts citizens’ safety in danger. The Guardian has outlined the letter’s key points in an article that analyses its implications for the UK. The open … Continued

Special K: Party Drug (In Small Doses) Could Combat Depression

A one-time party drug is being hailed as a miracle cure for treating severe depression. Over the weekend a swarm of articles were published hailing ketamine as a radically effective new treatment for depression. The Washington Post wrote a particularly powerful piece highlighting the benefits and potential risks associated with the scientific breakthrough. Widely known as … Continued

Brownies and an Uninformed Youth

Oliver dimly gave me a confused look, and turned his head back to the television. I felt uncomfortably hot. I set my hash brownie down and tugged at my collar. My boyfriend Oliver slowly turned his head to look at me with red, watery eyes. He gave me a weak smile which looked to me … Continued