Dr Adam Winstock is an Honorary Consultant Addictions Psychiatrist at Maudsley Hospital and Lewisham Drug and Alcohol Service. He is also a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Addictions for the National Addictions Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) and Programme Leader for the MSc in Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addiction at King’s College London.

1. How did the Global Drugs Survey start? Could you describe how the project has evolved over the years?


2. How can the findings of the GDS be used to inform drug policy, both internationally and on the domestic stage?


3. With the GDS, how do you prioritise drugs? How do you chose which areas to focus on?


4. Considering your background in psychology, and your work with prisons, can the GDS provide any insight into how to improve the maligned state of affairs regarding drugs in UK prisons?


5. The headline from the findings presented in the recently published 2016 European Drugs Report appears to be the rise in numbers of young people taking ecstasy. To what would you ascribe this resurgence in popularity? Are there any other trends of note that the media should take notice of?


6. Where do you think the future of harm reduction lies? Do you have any thoughts on the role of technology – i.e. drug testing apps – going forward?


7. Considering your starting the survey at Mixmag, do you have any particular recollections of life during the rave culture that may have informed your goals for the project?



Link in Don’t Be Daft / Talking Drugs / GDS video

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