Frontline Security Enter the Drug Debate

by Ant Lehane



A new, comprehensive guide has emerged from Working the Doors providing a macro-look at drugs and drug taking. Rather than beating the tired ‘zero tolerance’ drum echoed from many corners of night-time security (which refuses to acknowledge that drug taking in public spaces, such as nightclubs, DOES exist), Steve Johnson recognises the issues in this approach and instead provides a balanced look at the realities and dangers of drug-taking.

The author provides a look at the origins of the most widely used drugs, their effects, and how to spot someone who is on a particular drug. Most importantly, the author delves into elements of harm reduction, providing some sound advice. In light of the rising strength of singular ecstasy tablets and high-profile festival-related deaths, this is a much welcomed fresh approach. Frontline security having some baseline knowledge of drugs and how they differ is crucial for the safety of their patrons. Understanding the rationale for taking drugs, as opposed to say drinking alcohol, can help to build relationships between users and those tasked with ensuring their safety and well-being.

Previous apprehension for acknowledging illicit drug use by security and venues is rooted mostly in licensing fear and local council relationships. At a time when night time economy hotspots in London Boroughs such as Hackney have blanket-banned licensing new venues past midnight, this caution is arguably the easiest way to appease councils and party-shy locals.

It is worth noting that organisations such as The Loop are paving the way for a new approach to drugs by demonstrating that a harm reduction model can be safer, whilst opening proactive dialogues between venues, councils and law enforcement.

The article referenced in this article can be found HERE and was written by Steve Johnson, Content Manager at Working the Doors.

This piece was written by Anthony Lehane, Communications Officer at Volteface.

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