[Announcement] VolteFace Report on Effectiveness of Treatment for Cannabis Dependence

by Liz McCulloch


The UK has seen a shift in what drugs people are becoming dependent on as more and more are using cannabis. Admissions to treatment centres for cannabis dependency increased by 64% between 2005 and 2015.

As the newest recruit at VolteFace, I have been tasked with finding out how effectively treatment centres are responding to this emerging client group and what policy options would better meet their needs.

Cannabis has historically been seen as the lowest priority in the hierarchy of drug taking, with greater attention given to ‘harder drugs’, yet cannabis dependence is a growing public health concern which can no longer be sidelined.

My report will be evaluating service provision within the contexts of stakeholder attitudes of cannabis dependency and recent changes in commissioning practices. I will also be exploring what safeguards would need to be in place if there was a move towards a regulated framework. The report will also form the basis for what will hopefully be a fascinating panel debate during our autumn season of events.

I am seeking insight from a range of experts including treatment centres and treatment workers, academics, NGOs, commissioners, politicians and journalists. Please contact me on lizzie@blunor.pk if you would like to add your expertise or experience to the debate.

Lizzie McCulloch is currently writing a report on the effectiveness of treatment for cannabis dependence. Tweets @mccullochlizzie1

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