Drugs Analysis: SNP Manifesto 2019

  The release of the SNP manifesto is a clear demonstration of the current tension that exists between Holyrood and the UK Government.  Glasgow is in the grips of a public health emergency, which has seen spiralling drug-related deaths and outbreaks of HIV infections among people who inject drugs. To address this crisis, the city … Continued

Drugs Analysis: Conservative Manifesto 2019

  What would a Boris Johnson government do about drugs? That is the question many will be left with after reading the 2019 Conservative manifesto. Grand promises have been made with the Tories promising to: Tackle drug-related crime. Reduce drug deaths and break the cycle of crime linked to addiction. Tackle the threats we face … Continued

Rebuttal: Legalisation of cannabis is a fool’s crusade

  The release of The Times’ comment piece “Legalisation of cannabis is a fool’s crusade” shows that cannabis legalisation is firmly on the agenda of the 2019 general election. In the article, author Clare Foges responds to the Liberal Democrat manifesto commitment to introduce a legal, regulated market for cannabis, which has a high chance … Continued

Drugs Analysis: Labour Manifesto 2019

  In the previous two general elections there wasn’t much to celebrate when it came to Labour drug policy. Where drugs did get a mention, it would be in the context of stopping them from being smuggled over the border or preventing those who are addicted to drugs from inflicting harm on the rest of … Continued

Drugs Analysis: Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2019

  The Liberal Democrats are once again at the forefront of progressive drug policy, with the release of their 2019 manifesto promising real transformative change in the UK.  Cannabis legalisation has continued to be a key manifesto pledge, first making an appearance as Liberal Democrat policy in the 2017 general election. Former Health Minister Sir … Continued

Freedom Information Request: Cannabis-Related Offences

  Yesterday saw the release of new report, published by the think tank Radix and written by former Health Minister MP Sir Norman Lamb, entitled “Protecting Children and Young People from Harm – the public health case for a legal regulated cannabis market”. The release was accompanied by a Volteface & Radix FOI request to … Continued

DM for Details – Report Available Now

  Volteface has today published the seminal report- DM for Details: Selling Drugs in the Age of Social Media, which examines social media’s role in facilitating drug supply in the UK and the impact that this is having on young people. The comprehensive report draws on new nationally representative polling data of 16-to-24 year olds … Continued