Volteface Announces Sponsorship with MPX International // June 13th

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Volteface is delighted to announce its partnership agreement with the multinational company MPX International. The sponsorship agreement is governed by our Industry Sponsor Policy, which guarantees the integrity and independence of our research.

MPX International is a publicly-traded developer and operator of cannabis cultivation and production assets, with a commitment to bringing ethically produced, pharma-grade products to cannabis markets around the world. MPX International is taking over the agreement from its predecessor, MPX Bioceutical Corporation, which had been in place since September 2018.

The founder and CEO, Scott Boyes, set up the company to bring safe, reliable and effective cannabis products to patients. His interaction with patients in North America and ability to witness the efficacy and quality of life improvement available from properly-manufactured cannabinoid-based products inspires him to support the expansion of their availability globally. As a purpose-led company rooted in progressive change, MPXI aligns with our key values as an organisation.

Paul Birch, who founded our organisation and has been a key driver in drug policy reform, will continue to support us through his philanthropy work, for which we are extremely grateful. And we have now also opened up opportunities for donations from the general public.

Since starting out in 2016 under the stewardship of Paul with the aim of providing a new focus on drug policy reform, we have evolved into an important and influential organisation. We have produced ten impactful reports, written hundreds of articles, and hosted countless events. We have worked with all major news outlets, and worked with all parties across Parliament.

We are proud of the work we have produced and feel that our research has enabled positive change. Over this period, we have seen huge developments both domestically and across the globe in cannabis reform. There is little doubt in our minds that exciting times lie ahead.

Volteface remains committed to the principles of integrity, honesty and evidence-based policy making. This approach ensures that all our activities contribute to our organisational mission: to reduce the harm done to individuals and society by our ineffective drugs policy regime, through evidence-based policy and reform.

This partnership agreement, as well as the lasting and continued philanthropic generosity of Paul Birch, ensures that we can keep producing work that we believe to be crucial at this exciting time in the world of drug policy reform.

When we started out it was unthinkable that a publicly-listed multinational company would sponsor our work, and this marked shift demonstrates the progress that has been made in this space in the last few years. This makes us positive about what the future holds and we have some ground-breaking work coming up in the next few months that we cannot wait to share with you.

With thanks,

Liz McCulloch & Paul North, Directors of Volteface

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