The Volteface Podcast #14: In Conversation with David Lammy, Live from Labour Conference

by Ant Lehane



So far 2019 has been an eventful year in the drug policy world, culminating with David Lammy’s appearance on BBC’s “Legalising Weed: Canada’s Experiment’, a documentary which followed our recent research trip to look at a regulated cannabis market. More recently, the Labour Party has announced they will commit to a Royal Commission into ‘all drugs’ if gifted the keys to Number 10 at the next election, a move which has been met warmly with members.

In light of this shift in drug policy within the party, we sat down with David at Labour Conference to find out what he learnt in Canada, what he thinks of a Royal Commission, and how this has changed his views around the legalisation of cannabis. The interview was carried out by Byline Times Editor and ex-Volteface Writer Hardeep Matharu.


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