The Volteface Podcast #7 – Making the Grade

by Ant Lehane



This edition of the Volteface podcast is audio recorded from the launch of our most recently released report ‘Making the Grade’, written in partnership with Mentor. In a change from the regular format, this feature is a panelled discussion focussing on drug education in schools. We hear from an ex-PRU student, a PRU headteacher, CEO of prevention charity Mentor Boris Pomroy & the mother of an exploited child.

The report ‘Making the Grade’ considers how the UK’s education system responds to drugs by examining the approaches taken to preventing, identifying and responding to illegal drug use and selling in schools. It looks at the policy frameworks that these responsibilities operate within and considers how efficacious they are in safeguarding children and young people from drug-related harm.

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This show was produced by Matt Holborn (recorded by Matt Davies). If you need help setting up and producing a podcast, get in touch with him at or through his website

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