Left or Right: Are Drugs a Political Issue? [Podcast]

by Calum Armstrong

Why are drugs so shrouded within politics – are drugs a political issue?

Listen to the latest Stop and Search podcast where we’re discussing drug policy from within the Westminster bubble… but we do stick a pin in it. 

Our panel:

  • Ian Birrell – a well known journalist on both sides of the political spectrum, Ian has been deputy editor for the Independent, has written for the Daily Mail, and was speech writer to David Cameron in the 2010 election campaign.
  • Dr Julian Huppert – serving as the Lib Dem Cambridge MP from 2010 to 2015, Dr Huppert served on the Home Affairs Select Committee and was known for being the most senior scientist in the House of Commons.
  • Ian Dunt – Ian is the editor for Politics.co.uk and holds a seat in the House of Commons press gallery. He’s a regular on the broadcast circuit as a pundit.


We really do take a no holds barred look at the politics of drugs – the guests are perfectly candid in their insights and are not shy in letting us in on what goes on behind the scenes at the Westminster circus.

Stop and Search is part of Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces Network, brought to you by Acast, produced in association with LEAP UK.

Jason Reed is a writer, film producer and host of the podcast Stop and Search. He is the Executive Director for LEAP UK. Tweets @JasonTron



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