[Listen] Stop and Search: US Election Special

by Calum Armstrong

We had to make the most of Ethan Nadelmann’s trip to London…

The Drug Policy Alliance founder and Executive Director was in town for the inaugural VolteFace lecture. When you’re faced with a rare visit from one of the pioneers of drug policy reform, you have to take the opportunity, don’t you?

Joining us for a chat was George McBride, Head of Advocacy at VolteFace.

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For this episode of ‘Stop and Search’, we take a broad look at international overlaps in drug policy. We look at Stop and Frisk, image perception of drug consumers, and the various cannabis ballot initiatives that will be taking place this election cycle.

We’re framing the episode, loosely, around a ‘US Election Special’. What will happen when a new person takes residence in the White House?


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Jason Reed is the Director of LEAP UK and a regular VolteFace contributor. Tweets @JasonTron

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