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by Calum Armstrong

VolteFace is proud to present the first episode of ‘Stop and Search’ a new podcast focusing on drugs, science and the law. Host Jason Reed tells all:

Our podcast, Stop and Search, is finally here!

LEAP UK invites you to join us as we take a look behind the scenes of the ‘War on Drugs’.

The first episode, recorded live at Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road, is now available for download!

ISMOKE Magazine

ISMOKE Magazine

Our guests for this first outing include:

Robin Ince – comedian, science buff and broadcaster

Dr Suzi Gage – Guardian science blogger, host of the Say Why to Drugs podcast

Simon Oxenham – aka ‘Neurobonkers’. Simon writes for the New Scientist and is a pseudoscience sentinel

ISMOKE Magazine

ISMOKE Magazine

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So why are we doing this, what’s the point of a drug policy related podcast?

The answer is as simple as it is honest: we need to have more open and honest conversations, ones that everyone can take part in.

One of the more frustrating aspects of reform advocacy is the ‘preaching to the choir’ stalemate in which we can sometimes find ourselves in. The discussions that we get to have behind closed doors are far too interesting to keep to ourselves. There can be giggles, and there are certainly tears; drug policy really can provoke the most visceral reactions when you begin to delve in to the broad and all-encompassing subject matter.

Source: Flickr - Matt Perdeaux

Scroobius Pip (Source: Flickr – Matt Perdeaux)

When poet and recording artist Scroobius Pip asked us to join his Distraction Pieces podcast network (hosted by Acast), we jumped at the chance. We’re looking forward to broadcasting the many different tones of conversation that we take part in – and we’re trying to make them accessible in every way.

This first episode, which is all about the ‘weird science’ within our drug laws, hopefully provides a bedrock of what’s to come.

With the right mix and the dutiful amount of attention that drug policy should receive (whether you’re interested in the issue or not, this really does impact on your life) we hope the new Stop and Search podcast can start to widen the circle and allow for more access to the debate – no matter what level of interest you may have!

Please come along with us for this new ride within this global conversation. You can find us on iTunes or the Acast site. (Stop and Search artwork by Adam Richardson)

Jason Reed is the Director of LEAP UK and a regular VolteFace contributor. Tweets @JasonTron

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