ladbrokes = broke lads

gambling advertising

apps and phones make it easier

culture of lads betting on football as pretext to ‘getting lucky’ (in a $$$ sense) before they hit the town later that evening

claudia contacts: student wellbeing experts (get quotes about rise in student addiction)

theory that students (esp in london) struggle to pay high rents and so take the ‘risk’ by betting even at v slim odds (kids of all demographics do it, and get addicted to doing it)

related phenomenon of students enrolling purely to bankroll minor level drug dealing, never going to class and being bounced around unis till the gov catches up with them – indication of this sense of RISK (young people – life chances), equally so are those students focused SOLELY on academic success: usage of study drugs such as modafinil (LINK TO ALINE ARTICLE) is on the rise, and as a result of this culture of ‘risk’, universities are becoming polarised across the country in regards to their approach to students who take (illicit) drugs (LINK TO ALINE ARTICLE).

research addiction & gambling

recent problem of chinese students struggling to adapt to uk’s more aggressive (less culturally ingrained as in china) attitude towards gambling and debt (not so much a game in uk)


Words by Calum Armstrong

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