Volteface Voices: Is Your Postman Delivering Drugs?

by Calum Armstrong

BBC Newsbeat’s Jim Connolly decided to take a look at what’s going on with dark net drug deals, he wanted to see what’s going on with these new and emerging markets; he asked the question: Is your postman delivering drugs? The answer is yes.

For his film, Drugs in the Post, Jim took to the dark net to order an array of illegal substances in efforts to see just how readily available these services were to would-be consumers. The entire exploit was documented for BBC Newsbeat.

VolteFace Voices wanted to get a behind the scenes viewpoint from Jim on all the dangers and anxiety that his team went through in ordering drugs from the dark web and having them delivered via the Royal Mail.

This is part of our Dark Web series; you can hear a previous episode of VolteFace Voices with Jake Hanrahan – the freelance and Vice journalist who embedded himself in the production and distribution side of dark net drug dealing. 

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