In the latest episode of the Volteface Podcasts series, Hardeep Matharu speaks to Brooks Newmark about a new report published this week suggesting how rough sleeping can be eradicated across the UK.

Produced by the think tank the Centre for Social Justice, it recommends that the Government introduce a nationwide ‘Housing First’ scheme.

Currently, rough sleepers are often only able to be housed once they can show that they are undergoing treatment for their drug, alcohol and mental health needs. But, a Housing First scheme would see individuals be given a home first and then supported to tackle other problems.

Brooks Newmark served as Conservative MP for Braintree from 2005 to 2015. Now a Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Department of Politics and International Relations, he chaired the report’s working group.

In this podcast, he discusses why rough sleeping can be ended if banks can be bailed out, what ‘social justice’ means to him, and how political will is the main ingredient required to address why people are chronically ending up on the streets.

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Read the CSJ report here

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