Drug Testing Pioneers ‘The Loop’ Announce New Partnerships

Festival season has arrived, and drug testing pioneers The Loop have today received the support of an array of influential figures across music, policing, event management and public health. The Loop have received well deserved plaudits for their groundbreaking Multi Agency Safety Testing (MAST) service, which they are set to provide at up to nine UK … Continued

Another “Bad Batch”?

Last weekend saw both the start of the UK summer festival season and the abrupt end to one of its festivals – forced to close early due to two drug-related deaths and over 15 hospital admissions. Sadly another two young adults have been added to the growing list of festival drug casualties. This same weekend, … Continued

A Case Against Complacency

Fentanyls are creeping into the UK drug supply and the risks they pose to people who use drugs have become one of the major public health concerns of 2017. Fentanyls are a synthetic opiate in the same family as heroin, but are far more potent on a weight for weight basis. Fentanyl can be 25 … Continued