Why These People Stopped Drinking and Starting Consuming Cannabis

Last week was ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ in the UK, and while mental health awareness is for many an all-year-round concern, the initiative has succeeded in sparking interest and debate on a subject of vital importance. As part of the festivities, The Guardian shared an interesting article wherein Matthew Todd suggests that ‘there’s still an elephant in the therapist’s waiting room: alcohol.’ The … Continued

Transform Publishes Drug Policy Reform Manifesto for UK Election

Drug policy think tank Transform have published their reform manifesto for the upcoming UK election.  ‘A Manifesto for Drug Policy Reform: Protecting Families, Reducing Crime,’ includes recommendations intended to reduce drug related harms that are inadvertently permitted by current UK policy: Reform is an inevitable response to the failings of the punitive prohibitionist model of drug control … Continued

Has Soho Become London’s Version of ‘Hamsterdam’?

Local business owners and staff working in Soho, Central London, are reporting a dramatic increase in public drug dealing and consumption, with dealers and users of heroin, crack cocaine and spice starting to create cause for concern. Volteface spoke to bar staff working off Oxford Street, who detailed the rise in public drug related activity, … Continued

ITV Reports on Drug Dealers Grooming Young People in the UK

Last night ITV news interviewed a mother whose 14 year old son has become involved with a ‘violent’ group of drug dealers who she alleges have groomed him into becoming a drug mule. The interview – part of a short film presented by Allegra Stratton – outlines the frustrating and fearful scenario ‘Hannah’ (the report uses fake … Continued

Green Screen – London April 25th

Volteface is proud to announce the UK launch of ‘Green Screen’ – a new report that outlines the benefits of an online regulated market for legal cannabis. The event taking place in London on Tuesday 25th April will include a Q and A session with report author Mike Power, who is also the author of Drugs 2.0: … Continued

Taking Care of ‘Canna-Business’

The legal cannabis industry was last weekend the subject of a lavish profile in the business section of The Telegraph. The article, which features comments from a wide range of major industry figures, marks a proud moment for ‘canna-business’ as it crosses over into mainstream business media. Focusing on the emerging legal cannabis industries in the US and … Continued

Canada to set a Date for Cannabis Legalisation

The Canadian government will announce next month plans to legalise cannabis by July 2018. PM Justin Trudeau had previously promised to introduce legislation by Spring 2017. CBC News reports that  Trudeau’s Liberal government will meet this deadline – with the announcement slated for the week commencing April 10. The day of legalisation itself may well fall … Continued