Medicinal Cannabis Case Histories: We Want To Hear Your Story

by Calum Armstrong


Volteface are looking for medicinal cannabis users and carers of all ages and backgrounds to share their story with us.

Next week, Coronation Street will run a storyline on medicinal cannabis, we will be covering the issue of access to medicinal cannabis in the UK, an opportunity for patients and carers to have their voices heard in aid of change.

Last week in Dublin we interviewed Tom Curran, a campaigner for assisted dying, who talked to us about caring for his beloved wife Marie. His campaign for her right to a peaceful death was successful and now Tom is active in the cannabis movement.

Tom Curran in Dublin

Tom Curran in Dublin

Tom spoke to us with such compassion and charisma that he blew us away. You can watch the video and see how its done below.

A video posted by the Telegraph in 2014 provides another excellent example – Wayne Justman, a HIV patient, shares a measured but moving account of his positive experiences with medicinal cannabis. The article is penned by a British MS sufferer called Nicky Haynes who writes eloquently and concisely.

We are urgently searching for British equivalents of the above. If you or someone you know fits the bill do get in touch with us through our social media, at or contact our Editor-in-chief Steve Moore at


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