Volteface Voices: What Really Goes On Inside The Dark Web?

by Calum Armstrong

What really goes on in the dark web? Jake Hanrahan is an independent and freelance journalist, he’s been on the frontline of many wars and precarious situations.

Jake embedded himself within the modern day drug distributors who operate via the dark web. Let’s listen to what Jake learnt as we share his unparalleled level of access to some of the most cryptic (and popular) marketplaces.

Jake Hanrahan is no stranger to coalface journalism. He recently made headlines after his detainment in a Turkish prison alongside two of his colleagues, and has been in the literal firing line of many of today’s conflicts. Jake’s twitter bio declares he has a keen interest in irregular warfare, conflict, and crime, so it’s perhaps not surprising that Jake once more put his own safety on the line to report on the inner workings of the dark net and its marketplaces.

In a conversation for VolteFace Voices, Jake gives us an up-close look at two of his articles published for Vice: This Is What It’s Really Like to Be One of the Biggest Drug Lords On Silk Road and From the Mountains to the Mailbox: I Spent a Weekend with a Deep Web Drug Dealer.

Jake travelled to the Moroccan mountains to see for himself just how the transit and distribution of drugs takes place in the modern-day convenience of the dark net. Having met with a man called Patron, Jake spent a few days on speedboats and toured mountain roads as he shadowed the people that operate their lucrative business and have given global enforcement agencies such a headache.

We also talk about one of the natural successors to the Silk Road empire and how market places have reacted to the closure of one of the most infamous online retailers of drugs.

Do we stand a chance of ‘cracking down’? Or is the dark web a social revolution which provides a service for the consumers of drugs? Have a listen on Volteface Voices.

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