New Drug Strategy: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Following much media speculation last weekend, the government has published its highly anticipated 10-year drug strategy. This comes at a time when questions are being asked about the government’s own use of illicit drugs, with cocaine recently discovered in a toilet near Boris Johnson’s Parliamentary office. The Government are using the launch to send a … Continued

All You Need To Know About Drug Decriminalisation

What is decriminalisation? Decriminalisation theoretically refers to the removal of a criminal sanction from an act.  What does it mean if a drug is decriminalised? When we refer to decriminalisation in drug policy, it is typically a model where possession and consumption of specified substances are no longer considered, or responded to, as a crime. In … Continued

Welsh Parliament Debates Drug Policy Reform

Last night the Welsh Labour MP for Newport West, Jane Bryant led a Senedd debate opening up a vital conversation about drug reform in Wales. This was an incredibly exciting debate, impactfully demonstrating increased pressure and appetite for reform to the UK government.  In 2020 4,561 people in the UK lost their lives to drug … Continued