Want To Put An End To Human Trafficking? Reform Drug Policy.

  There are unimaginable amounts of money to be made through covertly manufacturing and transporting drugs. When that takes place in the shadows, outside civilised society and free of law and order, it inevitably results in brutality and tragedy. In November 2020, Orges Rizak and Agustin Grembi were arrested at a converted industrial building in … Continued

Drug Policy: One Year On

What’s happened over the last year in drug policy? Have we made any progress? Has there been any tangible effort to reform our drug laws from within Westminster? Now’s your time to have your say and join us for the next live podcast recording for Stop and Search on the Distraction Pieces Network. Joining us … Continued

[Listen] Stop and Search: Think of the Children!

What did you get taught at school about drugs? Upon reflection, do you think you received enough drug education – or was it based on the myths and legends of the era? In the 1980s, we were notoriously indoctrinated under the transatlantic ‘Just Say No’ banner – a campaign based upon good intention, but arguably … Continued

Left or Right: Are Drugs a Political Issue? [Podcast]

Why are drugs so shrouded within politics – are drugs a political issue? Listen to the latest Stop and Search podcast where we’re discussing drug policy from within the Westminster bubble… but we do stick a pin in it.  Our panel: Ian Birrell – a well known journalist on both sides of the political spectrum, Ian has been deputy … Continued

From Gold To Green: The Ross Rebagliati Story

Ross Rebagliati has certainly come a long way since the day he received the news that he was to be stripped of his Olympic gold medal (which was later reinstated), turning adversity into entrepreneurial success. Along with his partner Patrick Smyth, Ross is set to be on the front-lines of Canada’s pioneering legal cannabis market. … Continued