Will XTC-Shops Replace Dealers in the Future?

  It’s Friday night. You’re planning on going to a festival with your friends. But first you take your bicycle and you take a trip to the ‘XTC-shop’. The cashier calculates exactly how much MDMA your pill needs to contain based on your weight and experience. The ingredients of the pill are listed on the … Continued

New Dutch Bill Plans put a Stop to Risky Designer Drugs

  A new Dutch bill plans to prohibit entire groups of new psychoactive substances (NPS), instead of just one specific substance. Minister of Justice and Safety, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, plans on putting these NPS-groups on the opium list, making it illegal for vendors to sell them. As of now, many of these different types of drugs … Continued

Dutch Developments: Coffeeshop Owner and Cannabis Cultivator sees Potential in Dutch ‘Weed Experiment’

  With the ‘controlled cannabis supply chain experiment’ the Netherlands seems to be moving slightly towards legalisation. The experiment, starting in 2021, has been a widely discussed topic in the Dutch cannabis world. Joachim Helms, cannabis-entrepreneur and co-owner of coffeeshop Green House in Amsterdam has high hopes for the experiment. “I feel like the experiment … Continued

The James Burton Story: Medical Cannabis in the Netherlands

The start of the controlled cannabis supply chain experiment, where legally produced cannabis will be sold in coffeeshops in ten municipalities, grown by government-designated growers seems to be moving the Netherlands in the direction of cannabis legalisation. What many people don’t know, however, is that medical cannabis has been legal in the Netherlands for a … Continued